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Rowaad AI-Tahde Est.
About Rowaad AI-Tahde Est.
Rowaad AI-Tahde Est. is a wholly Saudi based company formed under Saudi Arabian Law and regulation. The company was formed with the intention to create a leading, nationwide client of cost-effective, flexible solutions for construction, inspection, procurement, execution, technical support services.
We integrate our operations / support for our client’s benefit, milestone and project accomplishment. We share knowledge, resources and services throughout organization. We across the country, we have the ability to provide our customers with a full range of technical services.
We provide innovative workforce solutions to companies of all sizes to meet the challenges of today’s changing business environment. Unusual challenges are our speciality. As there are no fixed packages, we are not tied to providing the same answer to every client. This allows you to shit the performance pressure onto us. We are confident that we can find the ideal people for your unique situation. We expect to do staffing and human resources well that you‘ll call us again. That is our model, and it is proven to work. We have the resources and local focus to help companies maximize the efficiency and productivity of their workforce through our wide array of services and capability.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide spectrum of high quality services such as manpower, equipment rental, construction, asphalt work, mechancal work , eklectrucal work and chemical traders all over in Saudi Arabia

Our Vision

To meet the requirement of our valued customers in the industry with Quality & Safety. "QUALITY THAT MATTERS" to be integral part of the development of the industry and country, fully satisfying our client s as well employees Needs.

Our Team

the company has exerted efforts to deploy all kinds of technical professionals and management personnel as it requires and keep the workforce up-to date in terms of professional training and business acumen.
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Staffed with dedicated and experienced associates with an intimate knowledge of industrial products and services. Understanding the capability of our employees means that we can assign them to the right task and the right environment. This is your assurance of optimal efficiency and productivity. We built our reputation on it year after our clients have be benefited from it. We also understand that our associates are the key to our success. We value the knowledge and capabilities that they brings us. We are able to add value to our products and our customer’s processes through their hard work and commitment.